What's the HLEAD Report?

‘Health and Life Experiences of the Ambagamuwa DS Division (HLEAD)’ is a gender-based study produced by ADRA and Oxfam as part of their ongoing European Union funded ACCEND project. The report addresses gaps in existing research by providing a concentrated perspective of the general health needs of women  and the prevalence of sexual gender-based violence in Sri Lanka’s plantation and estate communities within the Ambagamuwa District Secretariat Division. 

The trilingual report highlights patterns in thematic areas such as menstrual health and hygiene, family planning, sexual and reproductive health, and mental wellbeing. The qualitative and quantitative nature of the report provides an indication towards areas requiring greater attention to inform future project initiatives.

Download trilingual copies of the report below.

HLEAD Report - Sinhala

HLEAD Report - Tamil

HLEAD Report - English