Local Economic and Social Strengthening Project Phase IV Commences

ADRA staff with the Local Economic and Social Strengthening Project Phase IV have met with 18 local civil society organisations (CSOs) in Mannar, Vavuniya, and Kilinochchi to partner in creating change in their communities. The CSOs will lead an economic development program that will enhance their ability to drive economic growth, improve livelihoods and create sustainable development opportunities within their respective communities. The selected CSOs will also contribute to providing psychosocial support services to the communities in collaboration with the Mental Health Unit of the divisional and district hospitals. The Divisional Secretariat Office supervises the referral system.

The LESS Project, funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs, aims to support displaced and vulnerable populations by addressing the root causes of out-migration, empowering vulnerable communities, and facilitating reintegration. It also seeks to enhance psychosocial services and work with civil society organisations to integrate returnee populations, while creating an enabling environment for sustainable socio-economic improvement.

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