EU Pays a Donor Visit to ACCEND Project Site in Hatton

At ADRA, we believe in the power of collaboration and its transformative impact on communities. As part of our commitment to transparency and building strong relationships with our donors, we recently had the privilege of hosting a donor visit from the European Union Delegation for Sri Lanka and Maldives. Representing the EU Delegation, Dr Johann Hesse – Head of Cooperation and Programme Managers Mr. Chandana Hewawasam and Ms. Harshani Halangoda visited the Brunswick Division gravity-fed water system constructed by the EU-funded ACCEND Project. This unique opportunity allowed our generous supporters to witness firsthand the incredible work completed and experience their contributions’ real-life impact. 

We provided an overview of the project’s objectives, outcomes achieved, and the positive changes it brought to the community. The donor was introduced to key team members and community members of “Red Diamond” (the community based organization managing the system) who play a vital role in the project’s success and benefit from accessing clean water. The donor’s visit was designed to foster meaningful connections with the local community. We organized interactive sessions where the donor could converse with project beneficiaries, hear their stories, and learn about their challenges. This direct interaction helped create a sense of empathy, deepening the donor’s understanding of the real-life impact of their generosity.

The highlight of the donor visit was a guided tour of the project site. The donor had the chance to learn about the water pumping and filtration system delivering clean water to hundreds of people in the Brunswick estate community. Throughout the visit, ADRA made it a point to share success stories and testimonials from project beneficiaries, most notably the Estate Manager, Mr Nilushan Jayaweera. The Estate Manager expressed his sincere gratitude to ADRA for implementing the Gravity-fed Water System in Brunswick Division and to EU for providing funds to make this project a reality. These personal narratives provided a tangible connection between the donor and the lives they were helping to uplift.

During the site visit, we facilitated a reflective session where the donor could share their thoughts, ask questions, and engage in a meaningful dialogue with our team and project beneficiaries. This open and transparent conversation allowed us to address any queries, gather feedback, and explore potential areas for future collaboration.

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