ADRA Distributes Personal Protection Kits To Complement Vaccination Efforts

Through the Building Resilience and Vaccine Awareness (BRAVE) project, ADRA distributed Personal Protection (PP) kits in several vaccination centers of the Gampaha district recently.

The BRAVE project strives to raise awareness and to increase access to vaccines in high-risk areas and areas that are being targeted for vaccine rollout by the government of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the project aims to support the preparedness measures of the local curative health sector to address COVID-19 and similar future incidents.

Through the project, ADRA distributed 485 personal protection kits in several vaccination centers of the Gampaha district including the Negambo Municipal Council, Ugalboda, Aswana, Wankapulla, and Horampella. The kits were given to those who have been vaccinated and each kit consisted of a reusable mask, a hand sanitizer, a handwash, and a digital thermometer. The kits were distributed to support the vaccination efforts of the government, to encourage people to get the vaccine, and appreciate those who have received it.

The BRAVE project is funded by ADRA International and is implemented with the support Seventh-day Adventist church and other interfaith groups.

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