Water, sanitation, and hygiene are basic needs. We have implemented various WASH projects in several districts of Sri Lanka since our inception. To date, we have established 15 functional improved gravity-fed water systems (IGFWs), have installed over 500 new hand pumps, and runs water purification units for chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu) affected communities. At present, we are constructing 20 more improved gravity-fed water systems (IGFWS), we have repaired over 250 non-functional hand pumps, constructed owner-driven latrines, and job site restrooms. In addition, we are also creating awareness on proper health and hygiene through Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) and Children’s Hygiene and Sanitation Trainings (CHAST).


Through our expertise in health and nutrition, we aim to improve the health and nutritional status of the estate and rural communities in the Central and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka by increasing access to proper healthcare, knowledge, and practices. This is done through various activities such as cookery classes, health and nutrition fairs, organic school gardening, and home gardening trainings, etc.


Most of our economic development activities are focused in the Northern Province ( Vavuniya Kilinochchi and Mannar districts) to assist the refugee returnees in their social reintegration from India and the communities that they have resettled in. While setting up livelihoods is one of our main priorities, our project focuses on developing the economy of the divisions and setting up mechanisms to identify and support new sectors.


We have been aiding refugee returnees from India to reintegrate within Sri Lanka since 2009 and has always partnered with ADRA India and other stakeholders in a cross-border effort to bring meaningful assistance to the people in need. Within the past four years, we have aided refugee returnees in economic and social reintegration and worked with ADRA India and other stakeholders to disseminate vital information about civil documentation for refugees that preferred voluntary repatriation.


We believe that proper education is crucial for children’s growth. During the past year, we supported the Lower Cranely Tamil School in Agarapatana by contributing to the psycho- social development of its students and by enhancing learning within the school system by capacitating the school with relevant support to provide wholesome and meaningful education to the children.