Meet our our spirited team!

Windell M. Maranan

Country Director

“Working with those whom God loved most – the poor and marginalized and be part of ADRA’s holistic work is both fulfilling and a humbling experience. This is love in action!”

Prabhook Bandaratilleke

Programs Director

“I relate to the mission of ADRA!”

Devon Ebenezer

Operations Manager

“ADRA Is My Second Home!”

Florentia Amarasinghe

Programs Officer- Gender, Programs Development and Knowledge Management

“Working at ADRA allows me to experience and be inspired by the strength, humility, perseverance, capacity for love & forgiveness people possess and to witness and play a part in God’s amazing plans in answering people’s needs and prayers.”

Raquel A. Maranan

Programs Officer- Health

“ADRA gives me the opportunity to make a difference everyday and have a positive impact on people’s lives. It is so rewarding to know that even if only indirectly, I have had a small part to play in that.”

Shenal Hettiarachchi

PR & Communications Officer

“The opportunity to work at ADRA is such a privilege and a rewarding experience. It has immensely helped me grow as a person”

Devashri Peiris

Administrative Officer

“ADRA is not an ordinary working place but a place to serve people in need.
And it is a pleasure to work with ADRA & its team”

Shanika Kaluthanthrige

Chief Accountant

“The decision to join ADRA was one of the best, as I love the organizational culture and the self- satisfaction at seeing positive differences we make in the communities is truly worth it!”

Thushara Dinesh


“I love working for ADRA as it consists of a good team and I can do God’s work and help the community.”

Lenita Fernando

Junior Accountant

“While organizations strive to reach their peaks by getting from the society, ADRA gives back to the society, following the footsteps of christ with justice, compassion and love! The ultimate happiness is through giving and i’m glad to be part of it!”