What does ADRA do?

Through an international network, ADRA delivers relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 130 countries.  By partnering with communities, organizations, and governments, ADRA is able to improve the quality of life of millions through 9 impact areas such as: social justice, disaster response, economic growth, children, gender equity, community health, water sanitation and hygiene (WASH), hunger and nutrition, livelihoods and agriculture.

As a faith-based organization, do you get your funding from the Seventh-day Adventist church? If not, where?

No. Like any other non-government organizations, ADRA Sri Lanka gets its funding from a number of sources including donor governments and other agencies, private and public associations, and others. In the case of ADRA Sri Lanka, we sometimes receive funding grants from ADRA International, its parent organization and other ADRA supporting offices in implementing short-term projects and in responding to emergencies such as earthquake, cyclone, flooding, drought and other form of disaster.

Do you only hire Seventh-day Adventist members? How about joining your organization? Any internship opportunities?

No. Though ADRA Sri Lanka is a faith-based organization and part of the global network operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church as its humanitarian agency. As well, ADRA employs more than 5,000 employees worldwide from different religious backgrounds. We do hire our people based solely on merit and level of expertise.

We do make it clear that when the employee is hired, by signing the employment contract, they adopt and adhere with the Agency’s Christian values and understand that they officially represent the organization in any fora, meetings and conferences and other venues as a faith-based organization. As well, the employee is expected to reflect the mission of ADRA and that is to share God’s ministry of compassion to others.

In joining our team, we advertise our vacancies on leading newspapers and top jobs as well as in other social media platforms or you can submit your application CVs in our Facebook page and at our official website at adrasrilanka.org and we will keep them in our active file. However, our internship program is open only for our church members (Seventh-day Adventists) as part of our church partnership partnership and engagement and providing a space especially for the young people to understand the role of ADRA as the church’s agency in reaching those who are in need.

What is/are the focus of ADRA Sri Lanka’s work and the places of your projects?

ADRA Sri Lanka have four core interventions namely: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihood and Economic Development, Refugee Reintegration and Emergency/DRR.  Currently, you can find our projects in the Northern Province (Killinochchi and Vavuniya), North-Central Province (Anuradhapura District), Central and Uva Provinces (Hatton, Monaragala and Matale), Eastern Province (Batticaloa) with our country office in Colombo (Maharagama).

How can we help? Do you accept volunteers?

You can help us by your generous support of prayers and financial resources. As shared, ADRA Sri Lanka is a faith-based organization and has been operating through the generous support of individuals, corporations, donor governments and other stakeholders who have the same passion of helping and alleviating the plight of those who are in need.

If you are sending financial support, you can directly write to us by visiting our website (www.adrasrilanka.org) and click the DONATE button and you can facilitate your donation.

We also accept volunteers especially in times of emergency response and usually being communicated through our social media platforms.

How can we reach out to ADRA Sri Lanka if we need an assistance, take for example, access to safe and clean water source or construction of latrine?

You can communicate to us through our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and our official website or you can call us and we will respond to your query/ies accordingly. We have a dedicated Programs Team who are more than willing to address your concern/s and assess the request based on feasibility and nature of the need.

Do you only give help to the members of the church?

As a humanitarian agency, we help ALL people in need especially in times of emergencies regardless of their race, religion, creed, gender or sexual orientation, respecting the human dignity of all.